Corona Virus has given everyone a chance to evaluate whats important to them.

Family's grow and change so quickly its important to enjoy each and every moment together. To have a visual record of the kids growing up, or of family members before they move, or the unthinkable happens is totally under valued until its too late.

SAAF Photography love to help people capture special family moments maintaining social distancing outdoors at a Special Location. We can work in a variety of styles from natural to formal, and have a few unique photograph ideas such as 'Frame in Frame' or our 'Head Portraits', or a more natural feel.

We offer a digital and printed pricing options, ranging from a SPECIAL OFFER 1 Hour shoot at £50 or a Two Hour Shoot at £90 - including your images digitally!

Family Photo Shoots

Virus Family Photoshoot Offer

£80.00Regular Price£50.00Sale Price
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